Fabio Presti

Painting works

Fabio Presti's works are made layer by layer, using the backs of old mix tape cases as spatulas. Resins, rust and marble dust cover each layer, always leaving a glimpse of something from the previous level. The supports are attacked in an almost angry way, or diluted gently waiting for the water to flow and make the color take unexpected trajectories. The end result is a constantly changing pictorial space that communicates directly with our most instinctive and hidden emotions.


Fabio Presti was born in Catania in 1973. After exploring various artistic fields, from the beginning of 2000 he devoted himself continuously to painting, quickly arriving to exhibit at public and private bodies. In 2012, Presti won the prestigious Celeste Award. Currently the artist lives and works in Milan and he is collaborating with some of the most important italian and european galleries.