Pier Toffoletti

Painting works

With Pier Toffoletti, one can speak of a painting that seems to come from an ancient fresco, executed on the bottom of a wall that has suffered the ravages of time, and where the pictorial text has now been partly lost, leaving open an indecipherable enigma. This artist's way of proceeding is partly mental and partly dreamlike. (Vittorio Sgarbi)

Starting out again from the certainties of the classical imagery, from the reassuring gaze of a timeless face: this is the main objective of Pier Toffoletti, an artist whose creative process leads him to create works that are firmly rooted in our tradition and ready to withstand the constant upheavals of our time.


Pier Toffoletti was born in 1957 in the province of Udine. In 1976, he graduated from the Liceo artistico in Udine. His passion for painting was very precocious and his talent innate. In 1999, he exhibited at the Italian Cultural Institute in Tokyo and, in 2002, at Palazzo Zenobio in Venice. He started exhibiting at international contemporary art fairs in the late 1990s. In 2005, he held an important solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Arezzo, with great success. From 2006/2007 he exhibited in Madrid, New York, Yokohama, Las Vegas, Philadelphia, Innsbruck, Strasbourg and Miami. In 2012 he exhibited at Art Basel Miami and in 2011 at the 54th Venice Biennale.


Catalogo generale

General catalogue of Pier Toffoletti.

Languages: Italian, English
Curated by Maurizio Vanni and Manuela Bernardis.
Number of pages: 61 Size: cm 17 x 24 Price: 20.00 + € 10,00 shipping.
Pier Toffoletti

La Bellezza Resistente

The new monograph dedicated to Pier Toffoletti
Languages: Italian, English
Curated by Filippo Lotti and Roberto Milani
Critical Text by Daniela Pronestì
Edited by Casa d'Aste S. Lorenzo 1995
Size: cm 33 x 24
Price: 30.00 + € 10,00 shipping.


Catalog created for the exhibition at Palazzo delle Arti in Naples
Edited by Casa d'Arte San Lorenzo 1995
Curated by Marina Guida
Language: Italian / English
Pages: 143
Size: cm 29 x 25
Price: 20.00 + € 10,00 shipping.