Giorgio Laveri

Sculpture works

In the production of his famous ceramic sculptures, Giorgio Laveri seeks a feeling of involvement and elegance of form. The expression of his art often captivates viewers inexorably. In Giorgio Laveri's world, every object can be art.

"... All artists are unpredictable...their actions can have antithetical meanings. They can express certainty, fear, desire for communication.... The most fascinating thing about their activity, is what an artist can produce while expressing himself." (Giorgio Laveri)


Giorgio Laveri was born in Savona. Since 1974 he has dedicated himself professionally to cinema and theatre. He has written and produced 11 theatre pieces and 19 subject films, including "Scommessa di matrimonio", winner of the critics' prize at the "Cinema in casa" festival in Rome. In 1985, he created a line of ceramics for the office with a 'cinematographic' theme and the Banque National de Paris organised an exhibition of his work at the Sala delle Quattro Colonne in its Milan headquarters. Since 1990, some 300 events have been organised between cinema, theatre, performances and exhibitions of his famous ceramics. At the end of 2012, the Museo della Ceramica in Mondovì dedicated a solo exhibition to him in which he also presented some historical pieces of his production. This was published in the well-known Silvana Editoriale Catalogue. Since 2013, he has been exhibiting at the most prestigious International Contemporary Art Fairs, from Miami to New York, and in Europe in the most important public and private art galleries. The demand for his ceramic, platinum and gold sculptures is going beyond all expectations, and has enabled him to achieve a market success in a very short time that has left collectors all over Europe amazed.


Catalogo generale

General catalogue of Giorgio Laveri.

Languages: Italian
Curated by Vittorio Amedeo Sacco
Number of pages: 48 Size: cm 22 x 24 Price: 30.00 + € 10,00 shipping.

La fabbrica dei sogni

La fabbrica dei sogni of Giorgio Laveri.

Languages: Italian
Curated by Riccardo Zelatore and Giulia Coluzzi.
Number of pages: 64 Size: cm 18 x 25 Price: 30.00 + € 10,00 shipping.