Giorgio Laveri, born in Savona, launched his career in cinematography and theatre arts in 1974. He has written 11 plays and scripts for 19 films, among them “Scommessa di matrimonio” (literal translation: The wedding bet), which brought home the critic’s award from the Cinema in casa film festival in Rome. In 1985, he designed a collection of cinema-themed ceramic sculptures for offices; the Banque National de Paris then organized an exhibition for his works at the Sala delle Quattro Colonne in Milan. Since 1990 he has been involved in around 300 shows, ranging from film and theatre events, performances, and expositions for his ceramic sculptures. The Mondovì Ceramics Museum dedicated an entire solo exhibition to him at the end of 2012 – his most important artworks could be seen on display here. All of his works were featured in the well-known Catalogo Silava Editoriale catalogue. In 2013 he began exhibiting his works at renowned international contemporary art fairs, from the ones in Miami to the ones in New York, to Europe’s most important public and private art galleries. The demand for his ceramic, platinum, and gold sculptures is currently exceeding every expectation – his whirlwind success on the market has shaken the world of European collectors, leaving them flabbergasted.

Sculpture works

In the production of his famous ceramic sculptures, Giorgio Laveri yearns for a feeling of rapture and elegance of form. His unorthodox means of expression often leave viewers feeling both delighted and captivated. In Giorgio Laveri’s world, every object can be art.

“… All artists are unpredictable… their actions have antipodal meanings. They signify certainty, awareness, communication… The most fascinating result of their activity is what artists can conceive and produce whilst expressing themselves.” (Giorgio Laveri)
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Giorgio Laveri Museo della ceramica di Mondovì (Italy)
Artexpo Arezzo (Italy)
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Salon d'Automne (Luxemburg)
Effetti Personali Galleria Terre d'Arte, Torino (Italy)
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KUNST Copenaghen (Denmark)

Catalogo generale

General catalogue of Giorgio Laveri.

Languages: Italian
Curated by Vittorio Amedeo Sacco
Number of pages: 48 Size: cm 22 x 24 Price: 30.00 + € 10,00 shipping.
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La fabbrica dei sogni

La fabbrica dei sogni of Giorgio Laveri.

Languages: Italian
Curated by Riccardo Zelatore and Giulia Coluzzi.
Number of pages: 64 Size: cm 18 x 25 Price: 30.00 + € 10,00 shipping.
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