Lamberto Melina

Painting works

Lamberto Melina's works are born of light coloured light that flows from a meditated sedimentation of light brushstrokes or dense, delicate pencil touches. If Caravaggio used a sharp, grazing light to enhance the real and Rembrandt placed a radiant source of light in the figures, Melina, with his process of slowly extracting white from the depths of black, constructs figures and objects made of solid luminous beauty. Figures that are simply perfect, accompanied by symbols of rare artistic quality and beauty in the proper sense of the word. A unique oil-on-canvas technical research.


Born in Piedmont, Lamberto Melina is a natural in contemporary art, far from academic indoctrination by nature despite his degree in aesthetic philosophy. His beginnings were in the early 1990s, with a path of solo and group exhibitions in Italy and then on to European stages. His works are famous throughout Europe for their sensitivity and technical virtuosity combined with chromatic preciousness. Works in which female figures emerge in situations linked to psychological analyses, with clear psychoanalytical references to Klimt's secessionism. Since 2010, Lamberto Melina has participated in the most important European group exhibitions and International Art Fairs around the world. In 2011, his works were exhibited at the Italian Pavilion of the 54th Venice Biennale. In 2012 he won the First Prize at the Amalfi International Prize.


Catalogo generale

General catalogue of  Lamberto Melina, printed in December 2005.

Languages: Italian, English
Curated by Maurizio Bernardelli.
Number of pages: 36 Size: cm 22 x 22 Price: 15.00 + € 10,00 shipping.