Je Shen


Je Shen was born in Jiangxi (China) in 1973. After graduating from the Guangzhou School of Fine Arts, he attended the Beijing Academy of Fine Arts in 1993, where he graduated with honours in 1998. Right from the start, Je Shen demonstrated his talent, technique and desire to create a new artistic language by combining Eastern tradition with the lessons of 20th century European and American masters. This mixture of genres, suggestions and influences led him to have an intense exhibition activity that reached its first important milestone in 2008, when a permanent exhibition was dedicated to him at the Guangzhou Museum. In recent years, he has participated in more than 90 group and solo exhibitions all over the world. He exhibits in the most interesting galleries in Beijing, New York and Singapore. Numerous prizes have been won thanks to his special technique, as well as publications in art magazines such as Art Asia Pacific, Kolaj and Asia Art Archive. An artist with a future already written.



General Catalogue of the artist.
Published in January 2020 by Tip.Le.Co
Curated by Fabio Mariani
Languages: Italian / English
Pages: 127
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