Painting works

Angelo Accardi’s art has a way of describing, delving into, and absorbing powerful energy from the different styles and forms of stress that permeate modern day-to-day life. Be it urban landscapes or the insides of houses and museums, the artist captures moments with the same nitidity of a hidden camera and, by filtering them through his original artistic interpretations, moulds them into representations of a fascinating, yet complex personality. In his paintings, symbols become the key to interpreting hidden realities. Thanks to his deep understanding of communication and emotion, Accardi has achieved worldwide fame and is currently one of the most interesting members of the European art scene. 


The most important and attended NEW book of Angelo Accardi, printed in March 2016.
Languages: italian, english
Number of pages: 108 Size: cm 28,5 x 28,5 Price: 40.00 + € 10,00 shipping.