John Costa

Photographic works

John Costa’s photographs consist of many individual elements that blend together to create a uniform subject. The salient aspects here are: his photographic technique, the ability to capture unusual scenes and unlikely sights, impressive depth of field. The Italian photographer, who lives mostly in the United States, has captured media attention in Europe thanks to one particular technique: 24-step printing directly on dibond aluminium and plexiglass.


Born in Parma in 1974, John Costa started attending open courses at the NABA school in Milan with the intention of perfecting his technique; he then studied at the ISFCI School of Photography in Rome and organized workshops for some the most important magazines in the photographic industry, such as National Geographic. In 2009 he appeared on the contemporary art market with his works and in a small period time he managed to achieve incredible – and unexpected – success. For three years in a row, Costa won the “ArtPixel” and “PhotoPrint” critics’ award for best Italian photographer; he was subsequently bombarded with requests from galleries and fairs all over the world – because to his communicative power and his ability to delight viewers with original shot and printing techniques, they were extremely eager to exhibit his art. Two of his works, “Cherry Blossom” and “Indian Courtyard”, were chosen by AAF committees in 2013/14 for the homepages of the Stockholm, Milan, Brussels, and London international fairs.


Catalogo generale

Il catalogo generale del famoso fotografo John Costa.

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