Born in Parma in 1974, John Costa started attending open courses at the NABA school in Milan with the intention of perfecting his technique; he then studied at the ISFCI School of Photography in Rome and organized workshops for some the most important magazines in the photographic industry, such as National Geographic. In 2009 he appeared on the contemporary art market with his works and in a small period time he managed to achieve incredible – and unexpected – success. For three years in a row, Costa won the “ArtPixel” and “PhotoPrint” critics’ award for best Italian photographer; he was subsequently bombarded with requests from galleries and fairs all over the world – because to his communicative power and his ability to delight viewers with original shot and printing techniques, they were extremely eager to exhibit his art. Two of his works, “Cherry Blossom” and “Indian Courtyard”, were chosen by AAF committees in 2013/14 for the homepages of the Stockholm, Milan, Brussels, and London international fairs.

AAF London Battersea, London (UK)
Haute Photographie Stockholm (Sweden)
Dhaka Art Summit, Dhaka (India)
AAF New York (USA)
Fresh Art Fair, London (UK)
Melbourne Art Fair (Australia)

AAF Singapore (Singapore)
AAF Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
ArteFiera, Bologna (Italy)
KunstArt, Bolzano (Italy)
AAF London Battersea (UK)
AAF London Hampstead (UK)

AAF New York (USA)
Raw Art Fair, Roma (Italy)
Art Up Lille (France)
Art Karlsruhe (Germany)
KunstRai Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
AAF Singapore (Singapore)

Suitcase Galleria Palma Arte, Piacenza (Italy)
AAF Singapore (Singapore)
MIART Milano (Italy)
KunstRAI, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Art Holland Den Haag
AAF New York
AAF Hong Kong

UBS Bank, Lugano (Switzerland)
Museo Nazionale di Strumenti Musicali, Roma
Point of view Broadway Gallery, New York (USA)
AAF Singapore (Singapore)
AAF Bruxelles (Belgium)
Lineart, Gent (Belgium)

Los Angeles Art Show, Los Angeles (USA)
John Costa Hotel Ergife, Roma (Italy)
Hamburg (Germany)
Art Up, Lille (France)
ST'ART Strasbourg (France)
AAF Singapore (Singapore)

Art Canton, Guangzhou (China)
India Art Summit, New Delhi (India)
ST'ART Strasbourg (France)
Realism Art Fair, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Art Nim, Nimes (France)

Beijing Art Expo, Beijing (China)
John Costa Biale Cerruti Art Gallery, Siena (Italy)
Energenesi Art Gallery, Venezia (Italy)
MIART Milano (Italy)

Atelier Forma&Design, Milano (Italy)
Art Brussels (Belgium)
AAF Paris (France)
MIART Milano
Lineart, Gent (Belgium)

Kunstrai Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Centro Espositivo Arti Visive, Fidenza
Art Brussels (Belgium)

Indici e segni Centro arti visive, Scandicci

Galleria Settearti, Bergamo

Catalogo generale

General catalogue of the famous photographer John Costa.

Languages: Italian, English
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Anno 2013

NEW CATALOGUE OF Palma Arte Gallery

Artists in the book:
Paolo Da San Lorenzo, John Costa,Wilfred, Gabriela Villareal, Max Gasparini, Daniele Ciani, Caterina Zacchetti.

Languages: italian, english. Biography of every artist.
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