Emanuele Garletti

Painting works

In nature, everything tends to be in perfect balance. By contrast, in society everything tends to emphasise differences and accentuate diversity. Staying in balance is becoming increasingly complex. Emanuele Garletti portrays female figures trying to contextualise them in a suspended, almost dreamlike and sometimes ironic dimension. Through this expedient, the artist leaves us free to discover the message hidden between the folds of an armchair and the objects of our everyday life.


Emanuele Garletti was born in 1976 in Brescia. He lives and works as a 3D designer in Salò on Lake Garda. Self-taught, he approached painting thanks to the first school notions he received on axonometry and the representation of solid figures in three dimensions. The geometric lines that in their intersection give rise to new volumes that are each time different, unexpected and surprising intrigue him and lead him more and more to experiment with new forms until he reaches the representation of real bodies. His unpredictable and energetic brushstrokes know no end, everything changes constantly and according to the emotions the artist experiences. He has been mentioned in various competitions including: Cairo Editore, Combactprize and Art Laguna prize. He has exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions in Rome, Turin, Venice, Florence, London, Sorrento, Milan and Seoul. Garletti's works are the photogram of a moment actually experienced that he reproposes with a strong desire, combining the emotion felt with the vivid trepidation of representing it under new perspectives that make the artist himself a spectator.