Born in Leiden, Holland (1975), Casper Faasen gained access to the world of great Dutch artists whilst still young – evidence of their great influence is visible throughout his career. In 2002, he decided to commit solely to painting: he went on to win many competitions and prizes, becoming one of Holland’s most beloved artists. His works were first exhibited in world-renowned galleries in London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Zurich, and Hong Kong in 2008. Nowadays, alongside painting, he also conducts research on photography, achieving outstanding results in both activities.

Painting works

Casper Faasen re-interprets the history of Dutch painting with a style that verges on extreme monochromaticity. Profile portraits of women are the keynote of his pieces, where elegance, charm, simplicity, and refinement gracefully collide to give shape to timeless depictions. Monochrome forms and black and white combinations build the common denominator of the paintings that are most sought after by observant collectors from Italy and the rest of Europe.   

MC2 Gallery, Milano (Italy)
Haute Photographie Stockholm (Sweden)
Dhaka Art Summit, Dhaka (India)
BAF - Bergamo Arte Fiera (Italy)
AAF Milano (Italy)

AAF New York (USA)
Snap! Le Salon, Orlando (USA)
Casper Faassen Galleria Palma Arte, Piacenza (Italy)
Photo Basel, Basilea (Switzerland)
AAF Singapore (Singapore)
KunstArt, Bolzano (Italy)

AAF New York (USA)
AAF Hong Kong (China)
RAW Art Fair
London Art Fair, London (UK)
Art UP, Lille (France)

Kunst Rai, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Realisme Art Fair, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Scope Basel (Switzerland)
Arte Lisboa, Lisbon (Portugal)
Arte Pordenone, Pordenone (Italy)
Art Brussels (Belgium)
Arte Fiera, Bologna (Italy)

Beauty EXPO, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
AAF Stockholm (Sweden)
AAF New York (USA)
Lineart, Gent (Belgium)
AAF New York (USA)

New Works Gallery Dessers, Leuven (Belgium)
Landscapes Gallery Pien Rademakers, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Scope Basel (Switzerland)
KunstRai, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
AAF New York (USA)
Art Jaen, Jaen (Spain)

PANA Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Realism Art Fair, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
Art Nim, Nimes (France)
Human Landscapes Galleria Palma Arte, Piacenza (Italy)
Open Art Fair, Utrecht (The Netherlands)
ArtExpo, Arezzo (Italy)

Last Judgement Woop Gallery, Leiden (The Netherlands)
Arte Genova (Italy)
Arte Fiera, Bologna (Italy)
Silhouette Galleria Palma Arte, Piacenza (Italy)

Art Chicago Amstel Gallery
LineArt, Gent (Belgium)
AAF London Battersea, London (UK)
AAF New York (USA)

Lineart, Gent (Belgium)
Art Up, Lille (France)
The Great Escape Lendin Gallery, Utrecht (The Netherlands)


"Paintings" of Casper Faassen.

Languages: English, Dutch
Curated by Allart Lakke and Duco de Vries
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