Pietro Dente

Painting works

Pietro Dente's works seek three-dimensionality through the superimposition of a sheet of polycarbonate worked in relief and a canvas painted using several layers of acrylic paint. The end result is a dreamy vision that brings the observer closer to the work and, at the same time, creates a play of shadows and reflections that change with the observer's movement.


Pietro Dente was born in 1977 in Padua, where he attended the Sacred Heart Art School. He then continued his studies at the D.A.M.S. in Bologna, specializing in Art, where he graduated in 2003 with a thesis on Artistic Literature Light: from representation to use. He broadened his artistic interests by attending courses in graphics, design, music and photography.
After his beginnings characterised by a mix of abstractionism, surrealism, Dadaism, computer-art and neo-medievalism, he began to conceive a new technique which, also thanks to several trips to metropolises such as Berlin and London, gradually led to the artist's current style.
He then began to compose works on 2 levels: the first consists of a sheet of polycarbonate painted with relief colours depicting more or less colourful views of large metropolises, the second consists of the underlying canvas painted with layered acrylics and treated according to special methods. The two surfaces combine to create a single composition where the layers merge to create new perceptive solutions. In addition, the sheet is placed in such a way as to create a wavy effect that emerges from the painting, giving it a third dimension; this brings the observer closer to the work (which seeks to gain more space in the 'real world') and at the same time creates effects of shadows and reflections that change with the movement of the observer.


Metropolitan Embedded System II

Layout and critical text: Maria Giovanna Dal Tin

Languages: Italian/English

Text translation: Alessia Conti

Pages: 18

Size: cm 21 x 21

Price: 10.00 + € 10,00 shipping.