Palma Arte Gallery has been active on the national and international market since 1990, juxtaposing daily work on the territory with an intense exhibition activity in constant expansion. The Gallery combines the current historical/artistic moment with its own personal vision of the art system, promoting a proposal of high quality and professional level.
Over the years, the Gallery has always given space to artists who are very different from each other but each endowed with their own voice and creative need.
Through direct observation of the mechanisms that regulate European and non-European art markets, Palma Arte is able to offer a wide selection of verified and selected works, establishing a continuous dialogue between tradition and new trends in contemporary art.
The Gallery is a member of the Italian Chambers of Commerce in the following states: Australia, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg. Every year it actively collaborates with the most important territorial public bodies (Museums, Regions, Municipalities, Provinces,) supplying works or directly organizing exhibitions of the most important artists of the twentieth century.