Guido Pigozzi


Guido Pigozzi was born in Tregnago in 1960. He commenced his career as an architect in 1990 and dealt mainly with art and building restoration. Being a fond lover of the gentile hills of Lessinia, his first paintings, dating from the early 80’s, depicted his highly cherished landscapes. However, his style soon evolved from an all too loyal, almost passive portrayal of nature to the liberation of his paintings, which now tended to have an unconstrained imaginative essence: images created freely, no longer subject to the impositions of an “external” reality. From that moment on, his subjects became more and more abstract. Along with monochrome pieces, the artist painted his favourite subjects rather constantly: the Lessinia hills, their traditional dovecotes, the cement plant. With a repertoire than encompasses both figurative art and more abstract representations, Guido Pigozzi constantly re-invents his style by implementing new techniques: water-colours, oil and bitumen paints are used in novel ways, and the colours are laid down in fragmented coats that gently dissolve and merge. His works have been exhibited in Europe since 2014.


Spazi Interiori

Catalog created for the exhibition at Gran Guardia Palace (Verona) in March 2017 Price: 20.00 + € 10,00 shipping.

Impressioni dissolte

Catalog created for the exhibition at Ca' dei Carraresi (Treviso) in May 2017. Price: 20.00 + € 10,00 shipping.