Valeria Patrizi

Painting works

In her large canvases, displayed without frames as if they were large tapestries, Valeria Patrizi seeks the balance of form through lines and spots, using coffee, tea and bitumen. Constantly searching for a new and symbolic idea of the human figure, she dwells on the image of the woman; the only one in whom she can lose herself and find herself again.


Valeria Patrizi was born in 1979 in Rome, where she now lives and works.
In 1999, she specialised in pictorial decoration at the "I.S.A. Roma2" Art Institute. In 2004, after attending the "Facultad de Bellas Artes de Granada" in Spain for a year, she graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
After graduating in Pictorial Restoration at the San Giacomo School of Restoration of the City of Rome, she began her artistic career by studying painting techniques and form through drawing and the study of anatomy. After a long period of studying academic painting, he detached himself from it, moving towards a new, more essential and original pictorial dimension.
He has to his credit important group and solo exhibitions in private galleries and institutional spaces such as the Diocesan Museum of Caltagirone, Palazzo Del Pegaso, seat of the Council of the Region of Tuscany, La Pelanda, Macro Testaccio Museum in Rome.  He has taken part in Contemporary Art Fairs in Italy and abroad for many years.