After art studies in Reggio Emilia and Urbino,the artist gained his expressivity research positioning himself among exponents of the last generation of Italian Neovedutismo, representing the landscape through careful observation of the light, intended as a state of mind. Trips through Europe and inland areas of the United States were decisive for his expressive research, dedicated to space as descriptive category. After experiments with different materials and techniques associated with the need of transfiguring - between realism and sublimation - the images of what  he lived and deeply loved, in his pictorial research the artist currently uses a mixed technique of painting on wooden table by tempera and acrylic, with pastel finishing. The artist began the exhibition of his artworks since 1981 , and collaborates presently with various art galleries; he has participated in important exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.

AAF Affordable Art Fair NYC Spring, New York
UN-FAIR, Milano
AAF Affordable Art Fair Stockholm
Art Market, San Francisco
AAF Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, Londra
Seattle Art Fair, Seattle
Vacanze - Gallerie Forni, Bologna
Luci e Atmosfere - Sala San Carlo, Limone su Garda (BS)
ST-ART FAIR Strasbourg
AAF Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam
AAF Affordable Art Fair Battersea Fall, London
AAF Affordable Art Fair, Brussells
AAF Affordable Art Fair Milano
Paintings - Chiostro della Chiesa di San Francesco, Gargnano (BS) Lago di Garda

AAF Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
AAF Milano (Italy)
BAF Bergamo Arte Fiera (Italy)
St'ART Strasbourg (France)
Verenice Art Fair, Forlì (Italy)
Collettiva Galleria Zanini, Parma (Italy)
Art Verona (Italy)
Arte Fiera Bologna (Italy)
Eridania Boretto (Italy)
Collettiva Galleria Zanini, Parma (Italy)
St\'ART Strasbourg (France)
AAF Milano (Italy)
Arte Padova (Italy)
AAF Milano (Italy)
BAF Bergamo Arte Fiera (Italy)
Salon d\'Art Contemporain Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Arte Parma (Italy)
Nella Luce Galleria Zanini, Parma (Italy)
Andrea Giovannini Galleria Zacchi, Desenzano del Garda (Italy)
Racconti di vita Palazzo Municipale, Salò (Italy)
Autunno Arte a Montagnana, Padova (Italy)
Traces of Art Exhibitions Rag Factory, London (UK)
Landscapes Myowngallery, Milano (Italy)
Sguardo Contemporaneo, Castello Gonzaghesco, Mantova (Italy)
Fotogrammi Galleria Errepi Arte, Mantova (Italy)
Attimi quotidiani Galleria Nuovospazio Artecontemporanea, Piacenza (Italy)
Dedicato a Matera, Galleria Opera Arte & Arti, Matera (Italy)
Sulla poetica della trasparenza Palazzo Casotti, Reggio Emila (Italy)
La poetica della trasparenza Galleria Arte e Antiquariato, Mantova (Italy)
...Viaggi... Libreria Sovilla, Cortina d\'Ampezzo (Italy)
Visioni del mondo, Villa Glisenti / Villa Carcina, Brescia (Italy)
Incontro con gli autori, Ancona (Italy)
Tra terra e cielo Palazzo Bottagisio, Verona (Italy)
Artisti in mostra, Fiere di Parma (Italy)
Sulla poetica della trasparenza Pescherie della rocca estense, Ravenna (Italy)
Sulla poetica della trasparenza Municipio Campagnola Emilia (Italy)
Sulla spiritualità della pietra, della roccia e della montagna, Palazzo Lodron, Trento (Italy)
Les Arbres Galleria Forni, Bologna (Italy)
Il mito del vero, Palazzo Guidobuono, Tortona (Italy)
Landscape Museo Civico Chiusa, Bolzano (Italy)
Intime prospettive Castiglione delle Stiviere (Italy)
I colori del silenzio Desenzano del Garda (Italy)
Artisti in mostra, Fiere di Parma (Italy)
Viaggi senza meta, Gallerie Arte in Cornice, Torino (Italy)
Dal crepuscolo all\'alba Galleria Zacchi, Desenzano del Garda (Italy)
Esposizione collettiva Galleria Arte in Cornice, Torino (Italy)
Art Verona (Italy). Magia delle immagini, Siracusa (Italy). Art Verona (Italy). Collettiva Galleria Pelar, Green Port (USA). Vicenza Arte (Italy). Collettiva Galleria Tondinelli, Roma (Italy). ST\'Art Strasbourg (France). Lille Art Fair (France). Collettiva Galleria Davico, Torino (Italy). Esposozione Galleria L\'Ariete, Vienna (Austria). Arte Fiera Bologna (Italy). Collettiva Gallerie Thomas Hettlage, Munich (Germany). Lineart, Gent (Belgium). MiART, Milano (Italy). Artissima, Torino (Italy). KunstKoln (Germany). Art Dusseldorf (Germany).