Guido Armeni

Painting works

Just like the roots of a tree that dig deep into the earth in search of nourishment, Guido Armeni plumbs the subconscious depths of our minds. As one beholds his works, memories, emotions, and feelings of hope surface impetuously, creating a suspenseful atmosphere. Three-dimensional trees, symbolizing life, thus become our totems in the exploration of our inner selves. 


Born in Cremeno di Lecco on 4th February 1944, Guido Armeni spent his teenage years painting and sculpting. During this time, he would find inspiration in the nature surrounding him; he reinterpreted this scenery, creating dreamlike landscapes, where trees representing life gained immediate relevance. Arte Mondadori prize winner, he received compliments from Enzo Fabiani, a famous art critic. His works have been displayed in more than 50 solo and group expositions. Nowadays his art is on show in private and public collections in some of Europe’s most important cities.


Catalogo Generale

General catalogue of Guido Armeni.

Languages: Italian
Curated by Antonio Luccarini and Paolo Monina.
Number of pages: 24 Size: cm 24 x 34
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