Guido Armeni

Painting works

Just as the roots of trees sink into the ground to seek nourishment, so does Armeni with our unconscious. Looking at one of his works, memories, emotions and hopes come flooding back, creating a suspended atmosphere in which the three-dimensional tree (symbol of life) becomes a totem through which we can look inside ourselves.


He was born in Cremeno di Lecco on 4 February 1944. Since adolescence, he has dedicated himself to painting and sculpture, drawing inspiration from nature, interpreting it in dreamlike atmospheres in which the tree, the symbol of life, appears from the very beginning. Awarded by Arte Mondadori with a note by the famous critic Enzo Fabiani, he has so far held more than 50 solo exhibitions and as many group exhibitions. His works can be found in the most important western cities, in both public and private collections.