Beth Richardson

Painting works

Beth Richardson's compositions are often ambiguous as perspectives are tilted, horizons become tables and domestic interiors merge with the wild natural world. We are faced with the disruption of our point of view so we are inclined to forget what we know and respond to the everyday in a new way. Beth paints layers upon layers of spaces and objects and then it is a process of removing these until she arrives at the simplest composition.


Beth was born in the UK in 1980 and graduated with honours in Painting and Drawing from the University of Gloucestershire, where she received the prestigious Hans Brinker Award in 2007.
Since 2007 she has exhibited worldwide from England to Scotland to Portugal and Singapore. He currently lives and works in Portugal.

"I paint ordinary situations, everyday objects in large empty spaces and explore the human characteristics that objects strangely reveal both on their own and in relation to each other".


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