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Hopes and dreams, pain and disappointment - Max Gasparini’s art draws on this chiasm of opposite human experiences and assumes the form of a perfect combination of lyrical accents and expressionist charm. Gasparini choses humanity as basis for his intimism. At a first glance, his broad brushstrokes may seem like the product of an impulsive reaction to impelling bouts of inspiration or characteristics of an instinctual way of painting; at a closer look, one can effectively notice that much thought was put into each individual stroke. Painted using a restricted range of colours, Gasparini’s female subjects, who resemble alluring and guileful Sirens, turn into mystical visions.


Born in Rovato (Brescia) in 1970, Max Gasparini, after completing his studies at an art highschool, embarked on a career in art restoration. During this time, he gathered precious experience that would then help mould his future as an artist. By using metal sheets, cardboard, and scrap material, he enables his depicted faces to magically protrude from the surface of the painting, and so delights viewers with the illusion of being in front of an enchanting reflection. This rare form of expressivity brought Gasparini to achieve incredible success in Europe, starting in Amsterdam and propagating to the most renowned French and Italian galleries. He began exhibiting at solo and collective expositions in 2007; in 2014, 12 of his works were purchased by important Italian public collections. Gasparini explores both the past and the future – he finds therein a new and refined harmony between symbols and material realization that ineluctably lures viewers into a captivating and enjoyable experience.


The soul of the matter

Catalogo del maestro Max Gasparini "The soul of the matter".
Lingue: italiano, inglese
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