04_Tertia Pellis

Lamberto Melina

  • Year: 2023
  • Technique: Oil on canvas
  • Measurements: cm 80 x 50
  • Price: On request
  • Availability: Available

    How many layers are we composed of? One is definitely physical, or at least the physical appearance since objectively the world does not exist or is a real semblance of an energy substrate. The other is what the structure of civilisation and culture of the world we live in has created for us. It is the so-called 'substitute', the identity we were taught to consider 'ourselves' when we came into being. It is not us, but what the community - parents, teachers, relatives, friends, colleagues - considers as 'us', i.e. an image of constructs and behaviours codified and regulated according to known and certain categories. The work Tertia pellis speaks of this perturbation. The enquiring and inviting gaze, the ephemeral mask, the second skin on the arms that seems to unroll, the volutes of the headgear to stimulate dynamism, invite transformation, change and above all the spheres around the figure recall the 3, the magic number par excellence, the ghimel of ancient Hebrew, which stimulates change, or rather to begin metamorphosis.

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