Roberta Diazzi

Painting works

Roberta Diazzi's precious and elegant works are the result of a long research on materials and a technical mastery enriched and refined during her remarkable artistic career.  Swarovski crystals of different sizes and colours are the absolute protagonists of her works, with sizes varying between 4 and half a millimetre in diameter, in order to be able to cover even the smallest spaces of the elaborate surface.  Light is also a fundamental element in the enjoyment of the Modenese artist's works: the crystals break up the spectrum by reflecting light and colours that accentuate the mobility and dynamism of the forms, giving the subjects vibrancy and liveliness. Each work also comes with a certificate of authenticity for the Swarovski crystals.


Born on 5 April 1973 in Modena, the artist Roberta Diazzi graduated from the 'A. Venturi' Art Institute in 1992, specialising in graphic techniques. The artist creates works with Swarovski-certified crystals, for the well-known production of full colour works with original crystals from the Austrian company. It is this artistic blend of pictorial gesture, technical mastery and the preciousness of the materials used that has decreed the success of his works. In fact, it is no coincidence that, during these intense years of activity, the painter has received important commissions from illustrious Italian families, impressed by such quality: the Ferrari family, the Royal Family of Monaco and the Sultanate of Oman deserve to be mentioned.