The Joy of Life
01 September 2022

Her unique style and enthusiasm for small moments of everyday beauty have made her style and work famous worldwide. We interviewed Australian artist Janine Daddo

The magic of your artistic production lies in the positive energy that are able to convey to the viewer. Where do you get the inspiration for your subjects?

Inspiration is in the simplicity of just living… watching my kids and friends growing through life … seeing couples rejoice in a kiss, a cheeky smile … a lingering look as you meet someone new! Inspiration for me is seeing people live life with their heart on their sleeve .Honest and vulnerably open to love .

Your paintings are a celebration of love, friendship and small moments of everyday beauty, and one of the key features of your art is the use of colour and texture. Tell us how you arrived at the development of your poetics and your highly recognisable style

After years of drawing concepts for advertising campaigns I found the best stories are told through our eyes, their contact , the tilt of your head as you engage in conversation, spoken or unspoken. In time my figures became who they are today .
Confronted with the stark white of a freshly stretched canvas left me excited but daunted. I found building layers of background colours in sweeping lines helped build a richer story…

Your work is exhibited and recognised all over the world. What was the career path that led you to become an international artist?

Since a little kid I have always used drawing as my main form of story telling . It led me to a career as a fashion illustrator, then a flamboyant career in the crazy world of advertising, and finally I find the new voice through my painting .