Andrea Giovannini, Beth Richardson, Alessandro Casetti, Janine Daddo, Diego Santini

From 01/02/2021 To 15/02/2021

On the occasion of Valentine's Day, from February 1st to  Frbruary 15th Palma Arte Gallery  will present through its Social Channels a collection of selected artworks made by some of its most appreciated artists over the last year.

Five artists, five small-sized (cm 25 x 25) artworks each (Special Price Euro 500) to convey through their own language an all-encompassing vision of love placed in the context of our everyday life. From Andrea Giovannini’s aerostatic balloons to Alessandro Casetti’s  portraits, passing through Janine Daddo’s pictorial snapshot, Beth Richardson’s  romantic minimalism and Diego Santini's elusive subjects.

A different gift, a romantic thought or simply a way to remind us that love, closeness and empathy reamain the best recipe for overcoming everyday difficulties.

Check our social channels, find out more and chose the perfect gift!