Fuga dal classico

Gian Piero Gasparini Max Gasparini Michela Crisostomi

From 07/06/2014 To 27/07/2014

A Breakaway from the Classical,” one of the most anticipated events of the summer in Parma and Piacenza, will be inaugurated on 7th June, at 16:30 and will be on display until 27th July at PALMA ARTE Gallery.

This exhibition, is a true multidisciplinary contemporary event. Featuring works by Gian Piero Gasparini, Max Gasparini and Michela Crisostomi which are linked together in an artistic vocation of distinctly modern neo-figurative accents. From this union the works on display come to life, from the mosaic canvases by Gian Piero Gasparini, the unmistakable jute and the profound metals of Max Gasparini, to get to the sinuous shapes in acrylic portrayed by Michela Crisostomi.
All this to gives rise to new forms of visual communication in the new century, bringing together classical and modern styles.

Gian Piero Gasparini, noted forhis creative works where hisskill in ripping the canvases,his trademark, exceeds all expectations, leaving the viewer mesmerized, and accompany him in admiring those of the past, and why not, those of the future.

Max Gasparini, now a certainty in the contemporary market of our times, alternates jute and metal almost magically. His consistent, sage overlapping of materials, evoke pure moments of reflection in the viewer.

And lastly, Michela Crisostomi, has become, in recent years, the symbol of sophistication drawn on canvas. The idea portrayed is that of the discovery of figures on ancient walls, but with contemporary faces and bodies. This is created using clever techniques in acrylic stucco sporadically combined with metal debris.