Wilfred Lang

Painting works

Wilfred Lang’s paintings of the skies above New York City captivate the audience and at the same time reflect the chilling sense of lack of certainty that affects urban reality and its possibility of finding an adequate form of representation. This award-winning artist is well-known in every corner of the world for his abstract works depicting urban settings that reveal a refined aesthetic sensibility and overwhelm viewers with an imposing three-dimensionality. The main colour of Lang’s works – grey white – increases their visual impact and creates strong optical illusions as well as impressive emotional effects. The surface of the painting shows both linear and abstract cohesion – at times the subject fades into an abstraction, thus becoming unrecognizable. Lang succeeds in obtaining what art critic F. Mayer calls “a sophisticated and unique transition from realism to abstract art”. His works are immediately carved into viewers’ memories and are seldom forgotten.


Born in Shanghai in 1954, Wilfred Lang began his career as an artist at the tender age of 7. From 1972 to 1976 he studied at the Fine Art College in Shanghai, reaping great success during his academic years. In 1977, following his graduation, he moved to Hawaii and continued to pursue his career in America and in Europe; in the meantime, the great demand for his artworks continued to grow. His unique and easily recognisable style bears witness to his wise use of colour mixing techniques, which often rely on a combination of elements taken from Oriental and Western culture. Wilfred Lang has held exhibitions at prestigious contemporary art galleries in New York, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Hawaii, and in many European capital cities; furthermore, he takes part in the most important international contemporary art fairs in Europe and Great Britain every year. His paintings offer overwhelming renderings of the urban scenery of modern metropoles, whilst gently encouraging viewers to lose themselves in deep, three-dimensional contemplation. Lang, thanks to his ever-growing number of features in specialised magazines, has most certainly caught the attention of many collectors.

WILFRED - Monografia


The most important book of Wilfred Lang.
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Critics of Marco Bovi - Caludio Roma.
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