Mauro Capelli

Painting works

Since the beginning of his artistic career he has more than 50 solo exhibitions and 80 group exhibitions in galleries and public spaces in Belgium, France, Germany, Sweden and Italy. He exhibits permanently in Verona; Ravello, Trapani. He is present with his works in the Museum of Vertova and Maccagno. The following have written about him: Franco Passoni, Dotto Giulio, Mazzoloni Barbara, Don Lino Lazzari, Amanzio Possenti, Benaglia Cesare, GobettiAlberto, Francesco Butturini, Silvio Gonzato, Camilla Ferro, Elisa Motta, Barachetti Gianni, Giovalla Galli, Thierrj Sznjtka, Beba Marsano, Montalto Domenico, Fernando Noris, Paolo Levi and Elisabetta Calcaterra.


Born in 1959 in the province of Bergamo, Mauro Capelli approached the world of painting at the end of his schooling. Thanks to a growing and continuous passion, Capelli refined his technique and skills under the guidance of Cesare Benaglia, who played a central role in the young artist's training. After participating in numerous local competitions, Capelli temporarily abandoned oil painting to devote himself to a mixed technique obtained by mixing lime, resin and various building materials. Thanks to the numerous acknowledgements he received, the artist from Bergamo decided to experiment further and, by enriching his canvases with coloured gauze of different thicknesses, he successfully increased the material effect of his works, gaining important feedback from the public and critics. During this period, Capelli began to exhibit successfully throughout Europe, initiating a privileged dialogue with France and Belgium. To date, Mauro Capelli and his 'coloured shadows' successfully tread the thin line between abstractionism and figuration.