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Matteo Cattonar’s paintings draw on traditional style and subsequently evolve into utterly original pieces thanks to a fusion of different styles and techniques. He manages to create stunning urban sceneries, where animals are not regarded as beings that disturb natural harmony, but as saviours who break the monotony of daily life, allowing us to catch a glimpse of a world that may well be different from the one conjured up by our mind.


Matteo Cattonar was born in Verona, in Italy. In the years following his graduation from art high-school in 1995, he attended Visionaria, the art studio where Pio Quinto, a well-known local artist, used to work. There he first entered the world of canvas painting. Since the very beginning, his creative work has focused on the human aspects of things and on the perpetual search for beauty – in his art, beauty becomes a place of perdition and self-discovery. This very beauty can find expression in the most disparaging forms: from a simple ray of light that rips through a dark and sombre metropolis, to more classical figurative representations. Although the subjects of his works vary, his goal remains the same throughout his repertoire: to capture the reflections of a superior form of beauty – a non-human beauty, a hidden beauty that fills gazes, a beauty concealed by shades of colour and shapes in a dialectic alternation of darkness and light. In the words of Siro Perin, art critic: “Cattonar shows himself to be a cautious artist who, thanks to personal instinct, is able to inspect not only the world that surrounds man, but also the world that is man’s soul.” Over the years, Cattonar has experimented with a vast array of techniques, styles, and materials, and has deepened his knowledge of the entire discipline through collaborations with other types of artists, among them scenographers and street-artists. He has exhibited his works at events and expositions in Italy and abroad (Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Canada). He is currently working with dancers and choreographers on projects that revolve around the fusion of art and movement. Cattonar’s career as an artist and educator has led him to hold painting and expressive technique workshops for young people in schools and private institutions. His paintings have been on show in the most interesting public and private collections since 2010 and are now currently on display all over Europe.



"Reflections" of Matteo Cattonar.

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Curated by Palma Arte.
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