Matteo Cattonar

Painting works

Using a painting style that starts from tradition and goes further by contaminating different styles and techniques, Matteo Cattonar constructs urban views of great impact, in which animals are not seen as mere disturbing elements, but are able to break the monotony of everyday life, giving us a glimpse of a world that could be different from how we imagine it.


Matteo Cattonar was born in Verona, Italy and graduated from art school in 1995. In the following years, he attended Visionaria, the studio of Pio Quinto, a well-known artist in the area, where he made his first approaches to painting on canvas. From the outset, his creative path has focused on the human dimension, on the search for beauty understood as a place in which to lose oneself and find oneself, whether this is represented by a simple trail of light within a dark and chaotic metropolis or by a more classical figurative. Although the subjects vary within the works, the objective is always the same: to pursue and capture the reflection of a superior, non-human beauty that is hidden in the gazes, in the nuances and shapes, in the dialogue between darkness and light. In this regard, art critic Siro Perin writes about him: 'Cattonar shows himself to be an artist who is attentive in his research and able, thanks to his personal intuition, to scrutinise not only what surrounds man, but also and above all his soul'. Over the years, Matteo Cattonar has experimented with different techniques and has travelled in various stylistic and material directions, enriching his knowledge through collaborations with other artists, especially from the world of stage design and street art. His works have participated in festivals and exhibitions nationally and internationally (Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Canada) and he is currently involved in many projects involving the contamination of art and movement, in collaboration with choreographers and dancers. His work as an artist/trainer also extends to schools and private institutions, where he conducts pictorial and expressive research workshops aimed at minors. Since 2010, he has been exhibiting worldwide and his works can be found in the most interesting public and private collections.



"Reflections" of Matteo Cattonar.

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