Born in Turin in 1964, Marco Ramasso is currently living and working in Voghera and Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. He officially entered the world of art in 1982, when he won a national painting and design competition. His first solo exhibition took place in 1986 in Turin and in 1988 he worked as a scenographer with Giugiaro Design, designing the set for a Rai (Italian broadcaster) television programme. From 1992 to 1999, his exhibited his works in his own gallery in Alassio, Savona. He took part in Artissima, a contemporary art fair, in 1999 with the Galleria Dantesca gallery of Fògola; in the same year, his monography, “Ritratti dalla Natura” (trans. Portraits from nature) was published by Pintore Editore. On a constant search for compelling subjects, he has visited several National Parks and natural reserves in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia, Mexico, Madagascar, India, and in many parts of Northern America. In 2004, the Antonio Attini Edizioni publishing house released the book “Marco Ramasso: il pensiero e l’immagine” (trans. Marco Ramasso: thought and image). Ramasso was invited to exhibit his works at the National Automobile Museum in Turin for an event organized by the IAAD (Institute of applied arts and design), “Sei personaggi famosi in cerca di casa” (trans. Six famous people in search of a house). He has collaborated with the publisher Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori and has designed one book-cover for Airone (1977) and four for Fògola Editore: Una civetta allo specchio [trans. An owl in the mirror] by Renzo Rossotti (2001); Marianne (2005) e Liselotte (2006) by Anna Cremonte Pastorello di Cornour; Le amiche dei gatti [trans. The cats’ friends] by Graziella Ardizzone (2007). He contributed to the illustration of the Fables of Phaedrus for La grande Collana in 2011 with seven etchings. In 2014 Società Editrice Umberto Allemandi & C. published Marco Ramasso. Oltre il silenzio [trans. Marco Ramasso. Beyond the silence]. He has been exhibiting his works around the world since 2015.

Painting works

Marco Ramasso’s paintings are born of the desire to offer a modern representation of beauty. A humble and hidden beauty, that transcends everyday life and that finds its medium of expression in elements of the animal kingdom - felines, bears, and wolves are shown in suspended atmospheres that are often impossible to recognize. In this way, the painter seeks to draw viewers’ attention on an atavistic, primitive, and rather ungraspable form of beauty.

Verenica Art Fair, Forlì (Italy)
Arte Genova (Italy)
Arte Fiera, Bologna (Italy)
Melbourne Art Fair (Australia)
BAF Bergamo Arte Fiera (Italy)

Art Karlsruhe (Germany)
Animal House Galleria Border Line, Voghera (Italy)
The Art & Antiques Fair Olympia, London (UK)
The Petworth Park Antiques and Fine Art Fair, London (UK)
The Antiques and Fine Art Fair at The Mere, London (UK)
Collettiva Galleria Palma Arte, Piacenza (Italy)

Presenze edited by Susanna Gualazzini, Galleria Biffi Arte, Piacenza (Italy)
The Antiques and Fine Art Fair at The Mere, London (UK)
ST\'Art, Strasbourg (France)
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ST\'Art, Strasbourg (France)
Art Breda (The Netherlands)
AAF Hong Kong (China)
Animal Spirits Galleria Davico Arte, Torino
Group Exhibition, Galleria Border Line, Voghera (Italy)

Marco Ramasso - Oltre il silenzio Palazzo delle Feste, Bardonecchia (Italy)
Arte Bergamo (Italy)
Dialogo con la Natura Museo Civico Craveri, Bra (Italy)
AAF Singapore (Singapore)
AAF Hong Kong (China)
Arte Genova (Italy)

Marco Ramasso Galleria Davico, Torino (Italy)
Spectrum Art Fair, Miami (USA)
AAF Bruxelles (Belgium)
ST\'Art Strasbourg (France)
Lille Art Fair (France)

AAF Milano (Italy)
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Marco Ramasso. Le poetiche della natura Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali di Torino (Italy)
Arte Padova (Italy)
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Impronte d\'Arte Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Biella (Italy)
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Istinti Acquerelli e Drybrushes Fògola Galleria Dantesca, Torino (Italy)
Art & Antiques (Luxembourg)


Marco Ramasso. Le poetiche della natura Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali di Torino (Italy)

Marco Ramasso. La Natura di un \\"Animalier\\"  Fògola Galleria Dantesca, Torino (Italy)

Summer Show Galleria Dantesca Fògola, Torino (Italy)

Appunti di viaggio sulla neve tracce bianche Galleria Berman, Torino (Italy)

Opere recenti Fògola Galleria Dantesca, Torino (Italy)
Tre grandi che interpretano la natura. Fògola Galleria Dantesca, Torino (Italy)

Marco Ramasso: il pensiero e l\'immagine edited by Elisabetta Tolosano, Fògola Galleria Dantesca, Torino.
Animalia Galleria Forni, Bologna e Milano.
Summer Show Galleria Dantesca Fògola, Torino.
6 Personaggi famosi in cerca di casa edited by IAAD - Istituto d\'Arte Applicata e Design, Museo Nazionale dell\'Automobile di Torino.

Marco Ramasso Fògola Galleria Dantesca, Torino.

Habitus Naturae Galleria Salamon, Milano.

Marco Ramasso  Fògola Galleria Dantesca, Torino.
Group Exhibition Palazzo Valentini, Roma.

Artissima Contemporary art fair, stand Fògola Galleria Dantesca, Torino.