Jessica Filippi


The daughter of a carpenter, she was born in 1991 in Sarzana, her home town from which she remains strongly attached. 
Growing up in close contact with nature, she developed a marked creativity from an early age. She worked for a period as an interior designer on luxury yachts. 
The extensive use of materials prevalent in the nautical sector, such as steel, led Jessica to approach companies specialising in metalworking. The manual dexterity she learnt during her childhood, also thanks to her father, led her to follow her creative instincts by working directly in the field with craftsmen from whom she learnt the techniques for working metals. Her creations were immediately successful and she thus began her artistic career by exhibiting his works in an art gallery in Pietrasanta.
A succession of evolutions and research increased her skills, a metamorphosis of styles and techniques that stimulated her to introduce new materials such as resins, natural stones and particular metals.