George Heidweiller

Painting works

George Heidweiller, a neo-pop artist from Holland, has given a radically innovative contribution to the art of representing urban landscapes in a modern style. He combines photography and a silk-screen printing technique with painting; he uses acrylics to transform initially figurative images into ambiguous abstract forms enclosed by outlines that resemble those found in works pertaining to the pop style. Heidweiller is an artist with a futuristic mindset and shows passion for the most modern pleasures in the world of European art collecting.


George Heidweiller is a Dutch artist. After having spent most of his life in Santa Fe, New Mexico (U.S.A.), he now lives and works in Holland. He launched his career as an artist in the early 80’s, when he began his studies at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague. Shortly after he obtained his degree, the Dutch Government commissioned three works from him. His first exhibition at the Miller Gallery was a success – and at the time he was only 23 years old. A few years after this event, he developed a passion for travelling, exploring India and Thailand in particular – the inspiration found in these places remains clearly visible in the artist’s works, especially in the his of lively, vibrant colours.