Gabriela Villareal

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“Why do art collectors love Gabriela Villarreal so much? I’ve asked myself this question so, so many times – precisely because I liked her from the first moment I dsicovered her and her work. It felt like looking out from the other side of the mirror – a reproduction of that sense of unease that affects poets when they are faced with life and its events. No irony, no despondency, no conviction – quite the contrary: uncertainty and boutades of emotion, always.” (P. Evans)

Gabriela Villarreal, when painting, does not confine herself to the spatial limits of the canvas or to the possible potential of the piece – she searches for analogies and visual associations at the edges and outside the painting’s surface. Many describe this style as “overexposition” and “overdetermination” – but Gabriela Villarreal’s secret lies in that unclassifiable effect that arises out of the emotions conveyed by the piece when seen from every possible angle. Looking at it from the right side, one may wrongly believe to have understood the essence of the creation; moving left, it suddenly appears to viewers that they have been magically catapulted into another dimension. Pictures of abstract landscapes, deep shadows, and geometric vegetation reflect the desire to effectively create something and give the painting back its power to “represent” – the power to be not just a photograph, but a photograph of true emotion. 


Gabriela Villarreal was born in Mexico in 1970. In 2005 she first made an appearance on the European contemporary art market with her famous modern abstract works. She studied art at Arte A.C. (Design Art University) and she was influenced by such artists as Damian de la Rosa and Fernando Cervantes. Her works are sought by collectors all over the world and are currently on show in renowned galleries in Mexico and the United States. Gabriela’s art was featured in the important Art in Motion Fine Art collection.


Dreaming the trip

La monografia dell'artista Gabriela Villareal, stampata nel 2013.
Lingue: italiano, inglese
Testi di Marco Bovi, Thomas Zilioli, Claudio Roma - Palma Arte Edizioni
Numero pagine: 64 Formato: cm 21 x 30
Price: 20.00 + € 10,00 shipping.