Enrico Versari

Painting works

Enrico Versari\'s personal avantgarde is going back to desig. After all, the line is the basis of perception and an excellent instrument for philosophical enquiry regarding what appears. Enrico Versari\'s artworks contrast with the virtual and frenetic din of contemporaneity returning to a practical, empirical approach expressed simply. In this way, tha artist tells us about time through the sign which, like a thread, as it unravels builds up again and disappears leaving a trace


Enrico Versari was born in Faenza on 18th August 1975. After high school where he had his first artistic experiences he attended the International School of Design in Modena. He graduated with a project which won him first prize at the Cosmopak International Design Competition in 1996. He started studying Philosophy at the University of Florence in 1998, graduating in Aesthetics with the philosopher Sergio Givone. His thesis was on the connections between industrial design and avant-garde art. At the same time he started devoting himself methodically to the study of the history of art and drawing techniques and in 1999 he exhibited his works for the first time. At present he is a teacher of Theory of Perception at the ISIA University of design in Faenza and is working with several magazines and art galleries.