Cristian Ber

Painting works

Cristian Ber’s spray paintings are the marvellous outcome of an attentive and highly sophisticated digital manipulation of colours. An artist and a genius: using only acrylic spray paints, he is able to create abstract landscapes, which he then willingly blurs, thus enhancing the visual impact resulting thereof. This revolutionary approach constantly captures the attention of both the Italian and European specialised press. With countless features and a Premio Arte Mondadori-finalist title under his belt, Ber is a talented exponent of Italian contemporary art one should definitely look out for.


Born in Palmanova, Cristian Ber is currently living and working in Udine. He studied at Udine’s art high school, where he specialised in Photography, Film, and Television. In 2005, he reached the digital painting category final in the Premio Celeste competition. He moved to Brisbane (Australia) in 2008; there, he attended courses at the South Institute of Technology and gathered specialised photographic documentation of Australia’s breath-taking natural wonders and landscapes. In 2012 he was a finalist in the Premio Arte Mondadori contest (category: photography), as well as in the Spazio Bocca Milano art competition. Whilst pursuing and successfully obtaining two degrees, he conducted strenuous research and studied the most modern techniques in painting. Since 2014, his works have been displayed at more than eighty contemporary art exhibitions in Italy and abroad (Los Angeles, Brisbane, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brussels, Barcelona).