Caterina Zacchetti

Sculpture works

The main subject of the poetics of Caterina Zacchetti’s sculptures is ‘woman’:
“My subjects take immediate shape when the clay falls into my hands – and in that very moment I drift into a second hemisphere”.
“Bodies that exude life are gradually generated by the soft moulding of clay; the gentle curve of a breast, broad buttocks, a contorted torso… and then I suddenly see them before me, as though ravished by sensual visions”.
The beauty of these shapely, relaxed women is enthralling; supple, yet sensual curves outline female bodies. Clothing is nowhere to be seen: women are dreamers. The legs, however, are sturdy – they symbolize that these women are strong, independent, resolute, and full of the energy that one needs when facing life. These full-figured bodies evoke a sense of wellbeing, pleasure, and happiness. A woman with wide hips acts as a symbol of love and beauty. Her sculptures have nothing in common with Botero’s dismal Muses and in fact convey quite the opposite.


Born on 16th May 1979, Milan. After finishing art high school, she started her studies at the Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera. She then won the famous Universidad de Bellas Artes M. Hernandez (Altea, Spain) scholarship. She obtained a degree in Sculpture in 2005. She attended pottery, ceramics, and Raku ceramics courses held by Fondazione Cova in Milan. Zacchetti embarked on her international carrer in 2008 and has taken part in a variety of international contemporary art fairs ever since.


Il fantastico mondo di Caterina Zacchetti

Stampato nel 2012.
Raccoglie tutte le opere più importanti della scultrice Caterina Zacchetti.
Lingue: italiano / inglese
Numero pagine: 80 - Formato cm 20 x 25
Price: 35.00 + € 10,00 shipping.